Dab Motors was established in 2017 by Simon Dabadie. Our company is based in Bayonne, France.

Immersed in the world of design & motorcycles by passion, trained in engineering by vocation, Simon Dabadie and its team are designing a new kind of motorcycle in the heart of the French Basque Country. By mastering the unexpected alliance of new technologies and a unique know-how, Dab Motors shakes up the codes of motorcycles and reinvents its playground a little more every day. Through the control of new technologies, every phase is redefined, giving birth to exceptional motorcycles. This atypical vision at its core is the strength and essence of Dab Motors.


We are engineersdesigners, technicians from the new generation : we believe that present and future technologies are the keys to achieve exceptional motorcycles.

The style is a priority for our customers. We designed our LM-S model in accordance with our standards of quality and aesthetics. Inspired by urban life, enduro and supermotard, our minimalist motorcycle represents the simplicity and essence of what is to be expected of a motorcycle. A fine silhouette, lightweight, a playful engine and high-end equipmentthis bike is the ultimate toy made for custom bike passionates.


We are convinced that individuality is the fundamental value of motorcycling. We make personalization accessible to the public through innovative motorcycles and services. We realized that today‘s drivers care about the feeling of individuality that a motorcycle provides.

They want to ride differently.

They want to feel different.


All of our motorcycles are built in a state-of-the-art workshop that has passed thorough inspection from transportation entities to ensure the quality of our motorcyles.


We are not a traditional motorcycle builder. We respect all those getting their hands dirty with oil and grime to end up with bespoke machines; that is an art in itself. Being engineers by profession, we create our motorcycles with a futuristic vision. If technology has advanced so far, why should we still use old means to build motorcycles? We decided to break the convention and build the most high-tech motorcycles available.

Dab Motors has attracted attention thanks to the use of new technologies combined with unique design. By always keeping exclusivity and innovation at the heart of our brand, we want to become the reference in custom production bikes.

Located in Technocité, a center for technology and innovation in the Basque country; Dab Motors is surrounded by a high technology environment that matches our vision. Unlike most motorcycle shops, our HQ resembles the R&D room of NASA. We offer a refreshing breath of air to all those accustomed to traditional garages. We’re not just another garage, we are a high quality manufacturer and factory of bespoke motorcycles with the quality to match our promise.


Our new personalization solution took months of development to get that result, we are finally ready for launching the Nike iD of custom bikes and we are really proud to achieve this dream.

Customers will have direct access online to our advanced customizer which allows our customers to co-design their own custom LM-S with the ease of a video game. They can modify the elements of the LM-S themselves and we build the bike of their dreams within 3 months. 


The online customizer developed by Visionaries 777 allows customers to easily create their dream bike thanks to a simple GUI that feels like a video game. All of the components update in real time, allowing you to see how your updates reflect on the bike. We thought long and hard how to improve the experience of making custom bikes and what’s better than seeing your dream motorcycle take shape before you?

Simon Dabadie has an extensive background working with parts and motorcycle design at names like Roland Sands and Deus Ex Machina. With technical engineering background at Dassault Systèmes, he has extensive knowledge in designing and testing parts under all strain levels. Every part of the motorcycle has been designed with expertise and built to last a lifetime.



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Technocité Innovation Center

9 Rue Pierre Georges Latécoère

64100 Bayonne