DAB Motors x Burberry

DAB Motors x Burberry

Created out of a shared desire to think motorcycle as a fashion accessory, a limited series “Concept-E RS Burberry edition” will be presented on November 15th, 2021 by both brands. 

DAB Motors, the truly modern motorbike manufacturer, is once again proving that boundaries can be pushed by working with one of the world’s leading names in the luxury industry. A new frontier in the fusion of luxury and sustainability, the Concept-E RS Burberry edition is a high-technology tool, designed, engineered and built entirely at DAB Motors’ factory in Bayonne, France. By using a sustainable manufacturing model and a more conscious use of resources, the locally sourced, and tailor-made method generates less waste and uses industry-leading aeronautical manufacturing to prolong the bike’s lifecycle. 

"As one of the most creative players in the industry, luxury fashion brands always inspired me to innovate and fight to change the traditional idea of motorcycles. I created DAB Motors to throw a fashion and design enthusiast vision, I wanted to present the motorcycle as a true fashionable device capable of generating desire and expressing identity." says Simon Dabadie, Founder and CEO of DAB Motors.

In keeping with Burberry’s commitment to innovate and go beyond by finding more sustainable ways to continue exploring. The Concept-E RS Burberry edition uses an electric power source, it provides a more ecological way to enjoy the freedom of open spaces.

The motorcycle is available in two standard colourways (midnight blue and metallic grey) and features bespoke logoed bodywork, a leather seat and handlebar grips embossed with the TB monogram and customised rims. Thanks to the DAB Motors bespoke DNA, the bike is fully configurable to the user’s wishes.

''Burberry wanted to partner with DAB motors for a number of reasons, firstly as a brand Burberry celebrates open spaces and exploration which Dab motors encourages by allowing transport to many areas of the world. Secondly the innovation of creating sustainable transport through the future of EV speaks to our ambitions as a brand around carbon emissions and a different approach to sustainability. Finally luxury is about craftsman, something all luxury houses pride themselves on. DAB Motors creates a bespoke approach to its craft in the industry through an atelier approach to the product experience providing very real consideration in the design and construction.'' says Adrian Ward Rees, Senior Vice President at Burberry

This Burberry edition bike comes with a Beringer braking system, and Öhlins custom suspension, both of which are references in their field. Equipped with a 10kW motor and 51.8V Li-ion battery, the legal equivalent to a 125cc is easily driven after a few hours of training. The beauty of the Concept-E RS Burberry edition is in its driving comfort and intuitive use, combined with its powerful instant torque which propels you through the streets, almost silently.

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