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How can I order a DAB?

Only 400 DAB will be built. Secure your spot online by registering here.

How much does it cost?

The DAB costs €14,900, ecological bonus not deducted. It is recommended to verify with national subsidies the amount of the bonus. In France, the bonus granted for the purchase of an electric motorcycle can go up to €900 for an individual customer, and up to €1500 for a professional located in the Île-de-France region

Does the DAB require a license?

In many EU countries, you won't need a motorcycle license; instead, you'll only require a car license along with a one-day training session. This is one of the advantages of electric vehicles – the ability to ride a 35hp motorcycle without the time-consuming formalities typically associated with obtaining a motorcycle license.

Where can I service my DAB?

Thanks to our technical partnership with industry leader and parent company Peugeot Motocycles, we are assembling an international service network, meticulously selected and trained to maintain and optimize the DABs globally. Handpicked from the finest Peugeot Motocycles recruits and beyond, our specialized team is equipped to handle servicing with precision and expertise.

Our members will have a privileged access to a carefully curated network of DAB Authorized Partners, ensuring support and service excellence.

Is the DAB street legal?

Yes, the DAB is street legal. It has obtained both EU and US homologations, which are standard certifications recognized by countries internationally. It's always wise to double-check the regulations specific to your country regarding electric motorcycles.

How fast/powerful is it ?

The DAB boasts a peak power output of 34.6 hp from its motor, delivering an impressive torque of 395 Nm at the wheel. With a top speed of 130 km/h, it offers a thrilling and dynamic riding experience.

Does it have ABS?

Yes, the DAB features an ABS system to ensure enhanced safety during braking maneuvers. It includes a Brembo Radial 4-piston front brake caliper and a Brembo single-piston rear brake caliper, along with a DAB 320 mm floating disc for the front brake and a DAB 240 mm disc for the rear brake. The ABS system is specifically provided by Peugeot Motocycles and offers dual ABS functionality.

Can I carry a passenger?

Yes, you can carry a passenger with the DAB. We've designed the DAB with BMX-inspired pegs, conveniently stored in the Alcantara glove box, ready to be plugged in whenever needed. Additionally, for those seeking a bit more comfort and space for the passenger, we offer a dual seat option.

What is the range of the motorcycle?

The DAB motorcycle offers a range of 150 km. Your actual range may differ due to various factors including configuration, battery condition, riding habits, operating conditions, and environmental variables.

Does the DAB have gears and clutch?

No need. We envisioned a seamless and exhilarating riding experience. Our direct drive systems ensure instant access to abundant torque right from the get-go, easily unleashed with a simple twist of the throttle.

What are the charging solutions?

Riders can now leave bulky chargers behind and simply carry their DAB charging cable, integrated into the Alcantara glove compartment. This streamlined approach simplifies charging, allowing for lighter travel and greater ease. Whether at home or on the go, the compact design ensures hassle-free recharging without compromising performance or comfort. Compatible with both home sockets and Type 2 stations, electric riding becomes more accessible and practical than ever before.

What is Regenerative Braking? Is it integrated on the DAB?

Regenerative braking, a feature integrated into the DAB motorcycles, captures kinetic energy during deceleration or braking, converting it into electrical power to recharge the battery pack. As you anticipate stops and ease off the throttle, regenerative braking slows down the vehicle while channeling excess energy back into the battery. This innovative system not only enhances driving range but also contributes to a more sustainable ride.

Furthermore, DAB motorcycles offer three customizable levels of regenerative braking (Eco, Standard, Sport), allowing riders to tailor the braking experience to their preferences. This flexibility empowers riders to optimize energy efficiency while enjoying a personalized riding experience.

Does the DAB have Reverse mode?

The motorcycle comes with a Reverse mode that will help in reverse directions.

What is the battery capacity?

The DAB reparable and recyclable battery pack has a maximum energy capacity of 7,1 kWh.

What accessories are included with the vehicle?

The DAB comes equipped with CNC machined mirrors, CNC machined passenger pegs, and a charging cable. Additionally, it includes an owner box containing special collectibles. Optional accessories available for purchase include a Quadlock CNC charging mount, low seat, dual seat, Type 2 adapter, and access to the DAB Custom Studio (DCS) for customization services.

Is the DAB available in my country?

Yes, the DAB is available worldwide. We offer worldwide delivery, with all of our bikes departing from our French factory to various international destinations.