We've finished up our first-ever appearance at EICMA 2023, and it was a blast! Teaming up with Gates, we proudly showcased the CONCEPT-E. 

Seeing all the interested faces checking out our bike for the very first time was amazing. We were excited to show the CONCEPT-E, our electric concept, and the response was beyond anything we expected. The atmosphere at EICMA was buzzing, and it was awesome to be in the midst of all that excitement.

Partnering with Gates was a game-changer. It wasn't just about displaying a bike; it was about showing how innovation and craftsmanship come together. The CONCEPT-E isn't just another ride; it's a peek into the future of motorcycles.

We had a blast chatting with everyone who passed by our booth. The curiosity and energy from the crowd were infectious. People were genuinely intrigued, and sharing our passion for this next-gen biking tech was incredible.

EICMA 2023 wasn't just an event for us; it was a milestone. Getting to connect with all of you and witness the hype around our bike firsthand, it’s what keeps us motivated and ready to keep pushing boundaries.

We're just getting started. The road ahead is looking very promising, and we can't wait to share more rides, more innovation, and more of the DAB Motors spirit with you all.

Thanks for being a part of this awesome journey with us.

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