We are working towards industrialization but at this moment we don’t have more information to share. More exciting news to be shared in 2024.

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Our Design Studio is located in Bayonne, France and our Technical Department is located in Mandeure, France.

Our motorcycle will be made in France with the support of Peugeot Motocycles. This support is made possible through our manufacturing partnership with Peugeot Motocycles.

We do not have a confirmed price however our motorcycle will be competitively priced against key players in the electric motorcycle industry.

The DAB CONCEPT-E was the first concept for our electric motorcycle vision. The concept will be used as a template, the design and features will be refined and improved as we work on creating and finalizing the serial production model.

(These specs do not represent the serial production model specs.)

  • Bodywork: Handmade fiberglass bodywork.
  • Seat: Handmade saddle made from high density foam,
    upholstered with configurable fabric.
  • Handlebar: Renthal Fatbar.
  • Seat Height: 900 mm.
  • Weight: 137 kg.
  • Motor: Brushless DC – 9kW nominal | 20kW pic regenerative braking
  • Battery: LI-ION 51,8V / 4,7kWh
  • Range: 110 km
  • Frame: Handmade and high strength, steel beam frame with double cradle design. Subframe:
  • Handmade high strength frame.
  • Front Suspension: Ohlins MX 48 RXF 48mm Black fork
  • Rear Suspension: Ohlins – fully adjustable.
  • Front brake caliper: Beringer
  • Radial 4 pistons
  • Rear brake caliper: Beringer single piston floating
  • Front brake disc: Beringer 320 mm disc
  • Rear brake disc: Beringer 230 mm disc
  • Wheels: Front 17 x 3.5, Rear 17 x 4.25